Our world. Made better.
Through mental health research.

TODAY: 11 Canadians will end their lives.

THIS WEEK: 500,000 Canadians will miss work due to their mental health.

THIS YEAR: 1 in 5 Canadians will experience mental illness, impacting their families, caregivers and communities.

We advance outcomes-driven mental health research
that betters the lives of all Canadians.

Mental Health Research Canada (MHRC)  is a national, charitable organization that is dedicated to improving the lives of the 1 in 5 Canadians living with mental illness, as well as their families, friends, caregivers and communities. We do this by advancing evidence-based mental health research that is problem-solving, cost-effective and usable in the real world.

We all have mental health. Mental health is the foundation for our emotions, thinking, communication, learning, resilience and self-esteem. It allows us to form healthy personal and professional relationships, sustain our emotional well-being, and contribute to our workplace and society. Mental illness occurs when a mental health disorder or condition disrupts our normal functioning. By the time Canadians turn 40 years old, 50% of us will have – or have had – a mental illness.

Because MHRC is committed to building knowledge that will have deep impact with Canadians, we place at the centre of our research process those who will use it – people with lived experience. We also consult and partner with other funders and stakeholders, including other mental health organizations, social agencies, entrepreneurs, business and government, in order to transform treatments, prevention programs and services in creative and collaborative ways.

We are building on the 55-year mental health research legacy of our predecessor organization, the Ontario Mental Health Foundation, with a heightened focus on innovation and practical application.

NOW OPEN: Call for Proposals for Mental Health Innovation Prize

Are you an innovator or researcher? Are you up for a new, bold research challenge that focuses on making an impact  to better youth mental health? The Call for Proposals for a new, Canada-wide MENTAL HEALTH INNOVATION PRIZE, valued at up to $100,000, is officially open.

This exciting venture partners Mental Health Research Canada (MHRC) with the Institute for Advancements in Mental Health (IAM) to advance an existing early-stage support or prototype to better the lives of young Canadians.

For more details (and the link to apply): visit Apply for Funding on our website.

Mental Health Research Canada

Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among young people in Canada. @MHRCanada has partnered with @MentalHealthIAM to help change this reality -- by funding the work of an innovator or researcher to build on his/her support or prototype. #opencall #grants #research #suicide

1.2M children & young people in Canada are affected by mental illness or disorder. We must do better. That's we've partnered with @MentalHealthIAM on a grant to inspire an innovator or researcher who, like us, believes in generating outcomes for application in the real world.

If you're an innovator or researcher interested in youth mental health, we want your help. We've partnered with @MentalHealthIAM to provide a grant of $100,000 to advance your support or prototype in its early stages. Visit https://t.co/BtweDWGVRF to get more details and apply!

Dear fellow humans. What I want you to know is that when you are struggling, it won’t last forever. It DOES get better. We grow, change and evolve so much in life. Hang in there. Share your experiences, reach out. You are worthy. You are #Unsinkable #WorldSuicidePreventionDay

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PLEASE NOTE: This site does NOT provide medical advice, nor is it a substitute for seeking help. ALWAYS seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with questions or concerns about your mental health and well-being.
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